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    Numera Mobile PERS

    $295.00 $267.99

    accessoriesThe Most Advanced Mobile PERS For Falls And Well-Being
    Numera Libris is the first all-in-one mobile health, wellness and personal safety solution. Numera Libris
    with Numera EverThere is a hardware and cloud-based platform that integrates health measurement
    information, personal safety and emergency response with proactive, socially-engaging health
    services. Numera provides seniors and their family members with tools to track and share important
    health and activity information, allowing people to take charge of their health, to manage chronic
    conditions, and to keep families and caregivers engaged.

    • Themost advancedfalldetection– detects falls with utmost accuracy.
      Automatically calls your response team if it senses you have fallen. Nearly 90% of
      Numera Libris users utilize fall detection.
    • Broadcustomerbase –Designed for active seniors and people with chronic illnesses,
      as well as their family members, caregivers and professionals.
    • No installation- Libris set-up and device management is easy, device is preconfigured,
      and does not require any on-site installation. Libris integrates with existing
      monitoring systems.
    • More than MobilePERS – Libris is paired with the EverThere cloud platform, a web
      based portal for Numera Libris customers, with location services, family and caregiver
      social features, online device settings, customized notifications, and health insight and
      activity tracking options.
    • Captures and delivers personal health data* –Numera Libris with Smart Cradle
      connects wirelessly with a variety of personal medical devices: oximeter, blood
      pressure, glucose sensors, etc. Data is uploaded via Libris either to the EverThere cloud
      or through Numera’s platform directly to other integrated portals or databases.
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